Greeting Card Wrapping Service

For batches of around 20,000 cards or more why not take advantage of our Greeting Card Wrapping Service. We would be pleased wrap your cards on our state-of-art Automatic Wrapping Machine. The cards are wrapped together with an envelope in a high-clarity bag complete with a seal/reseal flap, exactly as they would be by hand. The cards have superior appearance to traditional hand-wrapped cards because the flap is sealed down consistently every time and the high-quality UK manufactured tape ensures a completely wrinkle-free finish.

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Automatic Greeting Card Wrapping Service

Ready for Distribution

Once the individual cards are wrapped they pass through the banding machine where they are wrapped in a polythene sleeve. Usually in packs of six. They are thenĀ assembled in batches of thirty and packed in carton., Typically around 400 per carton depending on the size. This enables easy picking for distribution to retailers and speeds up physical stocktaking when needed.

Automatic Greeting Card Wrapping Service

Optional Labels

If required we can add a label on the front or the back, precisely placed every time for a professional finish. Ideal for pricing or branding.


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Automatic Greeting Card Wrapping Service with optional label.