Biodegradable plastics may not be environmentally-friendly

Biodegradable Film

A recent report commissioned by the government has cast doubt on the environmental benefits of so-called biodegradable film.

Research carried out by Loughborough University found that oxy-degradable plastics often labelled degradable or biodegradable do not breakdown as quickly as believed. Furthermore, they have an uncertain impact on the environment and are unsuitable for recycling with other plastics and for composting.

Most damming of all, the the report says, “It is difficult to know whether or how oxy-degradable plastics degrade in landfill, as it depends on the whereabouts of the plastics. If they are at the top of the landfill for enough time it is likely that they will start to degrade. If they end up buried beneath the surface in landfill, where there is no air, they may not breakdown at all.”

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